UFO Sighting in Abilene, Kansas on April 17th 1997 – Dark orb in front of moon, split into multiple orbs, then reassembled over about 30 minutes.

I noticed while throwing a football with a friend in the middle of the street that the full moon had a weird bite taken out of it, like a cookie. Assembled my friends family to take a look and agreed that was very strange. At this point I raced home to grab my father’s telescope for a better look. Drove out to an overpass right over I-70 and set up the telescope. My friend, his brother and myself took turns looking at this object that had by now traveled to the middle of the moon giving it the appearance of a donut. Again it was my turn to take another look and right before my eyes the orb broke into several pieces, 6 to 10. They then traveled outwards from the center and within about 20 seconds the moon was full with nothing obstructing it. At this point we all thought that was it. The moon was setting in the Northeast and maybe just about 10 degrees off the horizon. I took a final look through the scope and all the orbs started to reappear again traveling from the outside to the center of the moon. After they again formed a singular structure again the main orb slowly drifted at about an 11 o’ clock angle and vanished. Baffles me to this day.

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