UFO Sighting in Batavia, New York on July 18th 2016 – fast moving craft seen above the city of batavia with pulsing lights.

Hi, I am and avid astronomer and I take a lot of pictures of the milkyway when the moon is dark. So I don’t pay much attention to the full moon sky. Tonight on my way to work as I was mars I saw a UFO. This craft was fast moving and very high it was moving east to west against the jet stream. I live in upstate western NY near Rochester NY. There are a lot of air traffic heading west to east low and on approach to the rochester Airport. They usually having landing lights on and a blinking tail and wing tip lights. The craft I saw had to have been moving a thousand miles an hour and the lights were blinking in a fast strobe fashion going from white to red. The craft was gone in less than 10 seconds. The sky was fully lit from the moon so I can rule out a satellite. Only ♂ and a few stars were visible, it was 1030 pm. I have observed a lot of craft in the night sky and this was unlike anything I have ever seen, I am an air force vet so I know a lot about military craft this was not military.

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