Black Triangle Sighting in East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 17th 2016 – 3 black dots stay in formation coming over the Metlife Stadium and disapear in the sky

My girlffriend and i were at the Metlife Stadium on June 17th 2016 to watch one of the copa america’s quater final. About 15 minutes before the game, my GF saw these 3 dots coming slowly over the stadium. Its hard to say how high these 3 were and i thought they were balloons or mabe drones to film the game.
Then these black 3 dots stayed in formation and i started to really wonder what these were, so i took my iphone out and was able to film the last 7 second of this sighting.
If you look carefully, the left black dot shows as silver at the 3rd second. Then at the 4th second, the top one does it too. I didn’t realize it until i watched the the video in still mode.
Then at the end of the video, you’d think they are descending but they are actually going up really fast. I was really surprised by that and i moved my phone too fast toward the up side. I lost it from sight in a second or so.
In any case, that was pretty cool to see these 3 dots coming from nowhere and disapear right over the stadium.
I hope someone else saw that, we were close to 80000 people in the stadium for that event.

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