UFO Sighting in dont know, Ohio on July 16th 2016 – saw a diamond like ufo hovering over 45 minutes with a white exterior and a red light on top and a green light on bottom that would flash alternativly!

i was camping at my cabin on top of a mountain in adams county ,ohio
my wife said look at that flashing hovering about a half mile up and about 10 miles away!
maybe a military craft!
it looked like a diamond from the distance when we looked at it thru binocculars;it was all white light with a red light on top and a green light on the bottom that would rotate alternatly!
it was a feeling of wow look at that and we went in to bed after watching it for over 45 minutes and we were like that was wild to see and agreed not to tell any one about it except to report it to mufon!it was freaky to see on a clear night then the clouds started to roll in from the west!it just stayed in one place for so long i do not think it was military!
just went to bed after we got tired of observing the ufo!
i wish i had my video camera with me on the camp out at the cabin,all i had was a camera and the zoom would not of done any justice!

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