UFO Sighting in Altoona, Pennsylvania on July 19th 2016 – intelligently controlled lights,(crafts) moving in non traditional flight patterns, sometimes omitting other small ones

I observed this event and many others like it within the past 3 or 4 months. I live and work in altoona pa. My work and my home are only about a mile apart, and in that general vicinity is where I see these events occur. The first time I noticed this, was roughly 4 months prior to now. Naturally I figured it was a random occurance. However, in the hours, and days that followed the first of these sightings, I couldnt shake the feeling that I was supposed to have witnessed it. It started to almost consume me emotionally, so I started dedicating an hour or so each night after work (generally between 11pm and 3am) surveying the night sky. As long as the weather cooperated, I would watch. As weeks went by, I saw nothing unusual. I started to notice my girlfriend of 6 years looking at me weird and questioning my mental stability, hahaha. You could safely say she is skeptical. Not only of what I saw but of me in general. ..anyhow..like 4 or 5 weeks later, I was treated to an amazing display of aerial phenomenon. Same type stuff as the first time, but it lasted much longer. A single light source sometimes stationary, sometimes in motion, dispensed then collected smaller light sources. I imagine these were indeed some type of physical bodies (craft, disc, etc.) However I cant say positively I saw any material substance behind these lights. In all I witnessed these events no less than 5 times. All seperate occasions. Last night was the 5th or 6th time. In closing, I must say that I wouldnt believe this if I hadnt experienced it myself. Not that I would question a sighting such as these, as I would the amount of similair sightings in a somewhat short period of time. Ive known this was real since a sighting I had in 99, but now I know it exists on a much different level. I feel like ive truly been emotionally moved. Thanks for your time.

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