UFO Sighting in Petaluma, California on July 22nd 2016 – Fast slight changing direction with pulsating random four or number of flashing lights at early dark night

I was walking with a family member back to their apartment while I was occasionally looking at the stars. I noticed a fast moving object in the sky and we both looked at it firstly as it was in almost the midpoint of the sky. It was moving quickly so I thought it was the International Space Station but it was not a small non-blinking light. It was moving quickly across the sky heading west I think with dim/blurry lights that were pulsing/blinking in probably the hind part of the craft. It was changing direction slightly but noticeably so that is why I think it was not the International Space Station. I felt very excited and shocked because I have never witnessed an occurrence like this before. I am also an aviation enthusiast so I can definitely say that it was not a human-made aircraft.

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