Black Triangle Sighting in Denham Springs, Louisiana on September 5th 1994 – Ashley and I walking to my house we both look up see it look at each other in awe run bout 10sec look back its no longer there

We were playing in friends yard next road over it was getting late in the evening so my friend was walking home with me and about half way there we look up togather at the craft then back at each other with the wtf look on our faces then take off running toward my house which took no longer than 10sec. we turn and look back up and it’s gone with no noise and craft was about football field size perfect triangle hovering right above trees with a bunch of white lights running along the edge of 2 sides facing south and a bunch of red lights running down the northern facing side it was a dull grey color not black or shiny lights were on didnt blink there was no noise from craft but definitly scared us . Ive seen my friend about 2yrs back and asked her if she remembered and she said yes so i dont feel crazy about it whether it be et or government.

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