UFO Sighting in Doral – Sweetwater, Florida on December 24th 2015 – This was second time i witnessed this ufo (theres a 3rd). I once again felt compelled to wake & get up from my bed & went outside to my apt’s balcony on a 5th floor between 4a.m

I’ve witnessed this same ufo 3 times so far in a triangulate pattern of searching / scanning.
* The first time was in 8/30/2005 around 9pm when 100 yards from me it flashed those 2 red & i blue-white big lights at me, i was playing acoustic guitar on my balcony and sensed i was being watched, that’s when i looked to my N.W and saw a 30-100 ft dark object hovering above a tree (tree-top). When we both synced it immediately began to flash it’s lights at me for about 1-3 minutes… Who knows what else was gonna happen after that because a relative of mine within the apt actually witnessed it from their own bedroom quarters window as well & came over to let me know about it, but i was already witnessing it, it was only at that moment the object went invisible to the human eye.

* The second time was in 12/24/2015 between 4-6 a.m, same as first time, felt compelled to get up & head out to my apts balcony on the 5th floor of my building. THIS TIME AROUND THOUGH, i captured the sighting with my samsung cellphone camera from aprox 4 a.m to sunrise 6’ish a.m. It was as seen on the video S.E hovering & flashing it’s lights about a mile away from me.

* The third time was in 7/19/2016 around 3 a.m. SAME AS 2ND TIME OF SIGHTING i was sleeping, felt compelled to wake up & stepped outside into my balcony yet this time around it was 3 a.m and to my S.E the object was AGAIN hovering above the buildings in the horizon about 2 miles away.

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