UFO Sighting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on July 18th 2016 – As 1 object a popped up another would disappear

I went to Myrtle Beach with my family for a fun summer beach trip and we just left our Hotel La��Quinta Inn to go the the Cherr Grove Fishing��Pier @ around 10:30. We got there and was having a blast seeing people catch Fish,Stingrays, and baby Sharks. We were up on the top of the pier on the right side all the way in the front we all of a sudden a I seen 2 bright lights near the Resorts on the beach. I told my parents about the lights and they said it may be Drones so I��agreed with��that theory about 30 minutes later I��seen a fireball type orb far out in the ocean and told my dad but it had already jusy vanished we waited and about a minute later m mom and dad seen it and they were both confused. The no longer than 2 minutes we seen 2 then 3 which then they just started duplicating but as one appered another would show up it was very cool but I was to confused on what just happened. Youtube has a few videos like this UFO near Myrtle Beach and I think im not the only one who has seen this Craft

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