UFO Sighting in Kamloops, British Columbia on July 22nd 2016 – One ufo had 6 to 8 light’s and was as low as the mountains tins the other 4 were much faster and higher in the sky

It was approx 3am on a warm clear night when I woke up and went out on my back deck to have a smoke. I stood at the end of my deck and witnessed 6 to 8 light’s flying silently approx 300-500 feet from the ground all in a straight line. They appeared to be all attached to one object.approx a football field in length. I watched it silently fly away from me traveling west. I decided to reach for my phone and tried to record the lights but they were to far for the camera to record. I left my phone recording incase any thing else appeared. Moments layer I witnessed another object flying at a much higher elevation and east across the sky. I began recording it when I noticed a second object not far behind the first object at a even higher elevation. To high for the camera on my phone to record. About 5 minutes into the recording 2 more object flu past at extremely fast rates one north to south the other oppl site south to north. They were so fast they appeared to be streaks but we’re much lower. Almost as low as the first ufo I witnessed 300-500 feet from the ground. I was so shocked and excited I spent the rest of the twilight hours on my deck hoping to witNess more. However nothing more happened.

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