Roswell Light Communication – 07/03/16

Experienced UFO Investigators usually don’t have their own personal UFO experiences, because we’re usually investigating other people’s sightings. But… from time to time it happens, and we see something we can’t explain, and so is the tale I’m about to tell you.

The July 4th weekend my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer and I were attending the Roswell, New Mexico Festival with UFOnut team members, Matt Morgan and Trina Bivans. Besides hosting two panels, one on Saturday the 2nd and one on Sunday the 3rd, our other goals were to revisit the famed debris site, and revisit another site we’re currently investigating; but something always happens when my sister and I are together, and that’s why we make such a great team.

After visiting the debris site on Friday, and running a brand new (ghost/alien) investigation near Walker Base Saturday night, the team had to do a quick  follow-up of Saturday night’s  investigation, Sunday morning. After that, Matt and Trina had to book it back to Colorado early Sunday afternoon, which left Debbie and I to run Sunday’s panel that afternoon, and now left Sunday night wide open. What to do?

Well when Debbie and I get together we become quite adventurous, and decided to go out Sunday night to an area near where the Roswell Rock was found years before, and do a little sky watching. Armed with our water and gear packed in my new RAM 1500 Rebel, we set off for some night sky looking.

Generally when we do this, we usually watch the stars, run experiments with our equipment, and enjoy the beautiful New Mexico dark nights. This particular night was a New Moon night and about a class 2 on the Bortle scale with the Milky Way brightly stretching across the night sky, like a band of glittering silver metal shavings.

The following is mine and Debbie’s investigative report, well mostly Debbie’s because she’s really good at writing reports.

July 3, 2016
Roswell Light Communication
9:30 pm:
246/W. Pine Lodge Rd.
MM 45
35.1 miles/41 minute drive from Roswell, NM

Roswell UFO location


  • Debbie had tried to focus her mini cam on the surrounding area when we first arrived, but because there was no moon, there wasn’t enough light for the camera.
  • I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck and noticed a single bright flash of light to the NW about 50 degrees off from the horizon. At first I thought it was an Iridium Flare, but upon closer examination, I could see no satellite appearing afterwards, so immediately I assumed it was a meteorite flash. In Colorado, especially in the San Luis Valley where the sky is dark, some meteorites shoot into the atmosphere directly in front of you, and this results in a flash, with no tail attached.

Just after experiencing the flash, Debbie and I moved to the front of the pick-up near the right front fender, and started to star gaze towards the West. There was no moon, so the sky was completely dark with the Milky Way clearly visible overhead but slightly to our left front vision.  After just a few minutes I said to Debbie, “Hey I have to show you my new lights.”

I had customized a front light bar on my truck and installed 4 very bright dual LED spot lights. The lights are activated with a remote control, so in case I’m away from the truck and need some quick lighting, I can use the remote. I took the remote and turned on the LED floods. The first sequence was a simple on and off, but I remembered this remote has a strobe function.

9:30pm: [ Begin dialogue: ]

Chuck:  “Hey Debbie, watch me strobe my LED flood lights. It’s cool!”

The strobe flashed, [4 flashes, pause, then one flash]. We never expected what would happen next.

Two very bright flashes of light appeared just to the left of us, high in the night sky.

Chuck:  “Hey Debbie, did you see that, the two bright flashes in the sky?”

Debbie:  “Uh…. Yea…”

We both laughed thinking it was just coincidence, then Debbie said,” Flash it again!” So I did.

We got an instant response, Flash, Flash, coming from the very spot we saw the first two flashes.

Obviously we weren’t prepared for this, our night vision cameras weren’t running, they were still loaded in the back of the truck, because we were just screwing around with my new flood lights.

Chuck:  “I can’t believe I’m seeing this!”

I looked over towards Debbie in shock, thinking, “Is this really happening?” We’ve investigated these types of events before, but never experienced them first hand. Debbie and I paused for a couple of seconds gathering our wits, while searching the night sky in the area of the flashes looking for the source.

Chuck:  “It must be a plane with thin layers of clouds moving in front of it”.

Debbie:  “There’s no clouds up there, that’s the Milky Way”.

Chuck:  “There’s got to be an explanation.”

Debbie:  “Chuck…. (snicker) Flash the spot lights again.”

Putting my finger on the remote, I strobed the flood lights again. Same strobe sequence as the first two times, 4 flashes, pause, and then one flash.

We got a third response…

Two sequential flashes, identically mimicking the first two times, in the exact location in the dark sky and just as bright.

There was complete silence between me and Debbie, not word was said while we strained our eyes in the location of the flashes, expecting the unexpected.

I ran back to my truck and unpacked my night vision binoculars and focused them on the location of the flashes. Nothing, just stars, a lot of them. I tried a few more times flashing my flood lights, while Debbie focused my night vision binoculars on the area, looking for anything, an airplane, helicopter, anything, but nothing was seen, and no more flashes occurred. It appears, “three sequential flashes” is the magical number for this event.

Debbie checked the star charts from her iPad App to best determine what area the flashes came from, and it was near (Altair), then she noted the time, (9:30pm).

10:30 pm:

We stayed in the exact area watching the night sky, to see if anything would show up, but nothing did.

All of a sudden the cows in a field across the road from us began to excessively moo and coyotes began to howl. I trained my night vision binoculars in the direction of the commotion, but saw nothing. It was too dark, and too far off in the distance for my Night Owl binoculars to see anything. After a couple of minutes scouring the area of the moos and howls, the batteries operating the IR light for the binoculars died. While I was working on the binoculars, the dash lights in my truck suddenly turned on. This was the first time that happened all night. Debbie and I were a few feet away from the truck, and generally the dash lights come on only when someone touches one of the door handles.

Not jumping to conclusions, but binocular battery drain can be explained; cow and coyotes yelling can be explained, but my dash lights turning on by themselves? Maybe, but all three happening at once? Maybe, but then again, maybe not?

10:45pm. (1 and 1/2 hrs. after the first flash of light was seen near my tailgate.)

The next few minutes we were assessing the current situation, when a dark pick-up truck passed us heading towards Roswell. It traveled down the road from where we were parked about a 1/4 mile, then suddenly stopped and backed up.

I thought for minute, “Well this guy wants to ask us something”, so as he backed up, I slowly pulled my .380 from my pocket, and held it hidden in my right hand. The truck backed up to a second entrance to the county road we were parked on, then turned and travelled about a 1/8 of a mile down the dirt road then stopped.

Was the occupant a rancher who was spying on us? We were clearly parked on a county road, and not on private property, but then again a black truck with two people standing beside it in the middle of the night could be suspicious. Well I watched the truck for a few minutes with my night vision binoculars, but it was too far off to see if any occupants had gotten out. I could make out the outline of the truck, but saw no movement.

Were we a little jumpy after our sighting? Was this truck nothing more than a rancher checking a fence at night, or maybe a couple of kids? Either way the truck did purposely stop, back up, then blacked-out down a dirt road from us. hmmm

Well, we decided it was best to head back to Roswell and call it an evening, while watching our back.

Additional Information:

Debbie pulled multiple types of sky chart data including from, “Heaven’s Above”, looking to see if any satellites were in the area of the light flashes at that particular time. There weren’t.

General location of the three sequential (two bright flashes) was in the area near Altair. Altair has a visible light magnitude of 0.77, what we saw had a visible magnitude compared to Venus, at a magnitude of -4. A crescent moon has a magnitude of -6, so what Debbie and I saw was pretty bright.

UFO Sighting near Altair

Location of Light Sighting on star map.


Flood lights: 4 Auxbeam 7” LED 3600LM CREE 60 Degree Flood Beam, 36W at 6,500 Color Temperature.

2016 RAM 1500 Rebel (Field Investigator’s Choice)

End of report.

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