UFO News Article: “Mysterious lights over Lake Michigan get second look”

11 March 1994
(The Argus-Press, Owosso, Michigan)

The article reports on the 8 March 1994 South West Michigan UFO sightings.

Quote from the article:
“Witness accounts and radar images of fast-moving lights over Lake Michigan are being examined by UFO investigators.
Leo Grenier, who is in charge of the National Weather Service office in Muskegon, said radar data turned up a fast-moving phenomenon over Lake Michigan off South Haven late Monday night and that he notified the National UFO Reporting Center.
‘(Witnesses) were talking about red and green sets of lights to the south, oscillating,’ Grenier said. ‘The lights did some rather erratic movements at times.’
Grenier said a weather service radar operator ‘did pick up echoes in the approximate location of the sighting and moving in the same manner as described by those seeing it on the ground.’
He said radar showed the object, about 15,000 feetin altitude, zipped from South Haven to about 10 miles off shore in 10 seconds.
Tower personnel at Muskegon County Airport saw what appeared to be aircraft flying in formation. Among the witnesses was a Holland police officer.
Walter Andrus, international director of the Mutual UFO Network in Seguin, Texas, said Thursday that four investigators were reviewing the sightings.”
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Satellite photo of South Haven, Michigan (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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