UFO Sighting in Buffalo, New York on July 15th 2016 – Large ufo/ufos protruding from clouds

I was driving to my boss’s house to pickup a couch he was giving me I stopped at a red light and I noticed the clouds abruptly they clearly looked as if large ships were protruding from them as if being purposely shrouded. I was shocked i looked at the guy in the car next to me and pointed and he looked and nodded like he realized too. It was a strange feeling I felt like i could tell something wasn’t right right with the clouds so I tried to take a few pictures there were at least two of these clouds with the ships protruding clearly visible and possibly many more just being hidden better it was tough to get a good shot of it somehow and the light turned green so I went but felt odd all day. I remember it was a really calm morning and a gust of wind had just kicked up like a passing front I thought maybe this blew some of the ships cloud cover away leaving them partially exposed.

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