UFO Sighting in Socorro, New Mexico on July 3rd 2016 – Flashing Fireball Shaped UFO

We were driving south on Interstate 25 and we noticed a giant ball of fire flashing. It seemed like it was like a light flashing on and off, but it was a fire type light. I have seen meteors on the internet and in the sky before and this was not a meteor. The UFO was slowly gliding next to us about 100-500 feet away in the sky. I could see it clearly through the front windshield. It was flying sideways next to us slowly and kept on flashing on and off. It was a like a fire in the sky, but a fireball. On the same trip we witnessed a giant 4-5 foot owl standing in the middle of the highway i had to swerve to avoid it. The owl seemed like it just appeared out of nowhere right in front of us on the road. It stared at us with no fear of our oncoming vehicle towards it. It really scared the heck out of me. I will never forget this.

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