UFO Sighting in Texarkana, Texas on July 26th 2016 – already in body of report

3 nights in a row around 9:30p.m. to 10:oop.m white bright light low altitude traveling sw to n.e same travel direction tonight !!!! OBSERVED 2 aircraft in vicinity 1st aircraft traveling same direction as the ufo in front of it by approx. 3 miles , 1st aircraft changed directions to the east as the ufo was catching up to the aircraft at a modest speed about to over take with no deacceleration, 2nd aircraft was traveling from east to west and had to change direction to the south to not run into it, both aircraft had red and green anti collishion lights on and were observed working , the ufo had no other lights on or blinking just solid white glow, and according to the size was considerable bigger than both the aircraft will check again tomorrow to see if the ufo appears again, could this be a low altitude sattelite at this altitude never heard of it before as this in in the aircraft landing lanes at the arkansas texarkana airport,ya might get some info from them AS THIS WOULD BE A AVIATION HAZARD…???

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