UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on July 28th 2016 – 1st appeared mistaken for satellite until a 2nd appeared in formation slightly off to port side and trailing about a foot behind by my perspective

The first object appeared about 50�� on the western horizon, first mistaken for a satellite until a second appeared from 50�� slightly off to port side of the first and about a foot or so trailing behind from my perspective. Both objects remained in perfect wingman formation silently whipping by from w-sw to n-ne. I have witnessed several space station fly-bys and a shuttle re- entry, and both of these objects were certainly in the 20,000 mph range taking maybe 15-20 seconds to travel from 50��w to about 50��e. Both objects faded out of sight at 50�� which to me indicated they were not atmospheric, if that was the case you could have followed them much lower on the horizon, clear night no clouds. Oddly enough in 09 I witnessed a similar event only much more dramatic where again a mistaken satellite headed north from South was suddenly what I perceived as attacked by two smaller objects that incredibly quickly performed a rolling scissors like stunt, there was a flash and the first bigger object kinda pulsated and strobed into a ring and faded out the emmited light was localized it did not illuminate the horizon, the two smaller ones shot of in a blink out of sight. Someone else had to have seen this one tonight, right over the city and blatantly obvious.

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