UFO Sighting in Easton, Pennsylvania on July 25th 2016 – driving home from work, still light out and noticed while I was atop Richmond Rd 3 white lights to the East

Driving home from work around 2030 pm ( the sun had not set yet) I was enjoying the view atop Richmond Rd, I observed to my East 3 small (distant) white round objects traveling together to form a triangle. I pulled over briefly, and watched as the three objects flew towards the west and then changed direction in unison to fly towards the east and then were gone.
Since the objects were probably atleast a mile away, they appeared quite small. All three were the same size, (aspirin size from my perspective) and were flying apart from each other but did have the same coordinated flight path.
As they ascended to the west they flew behind some clouds and I lost sight of them. The event took place in about 1-2 minutes.

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