UFO Sighting in Greenwood, British Columbia on July 20th 2016 – SIGHTED AT 11:15 A.M. JULY 20. 2016.WATCHED SLOW PATTERN OF ORB WITH A 3 COLOR CHANGE.

At home, wife & I working in back yard painting outbuildings. As I was painting the top edge of the east wall of the storage shed, this orb
caught my attention. I watched it for about a couple minutes then went over to my wife who was doing trim work around the garage windows.I
pointed out the object to her. as she was observing the orb,I went into the house to get my binoculars, ( 7×50 ). We could then see the colors and color changes. It went from bright blue to white then to red-orange.
the color sequence repeated during the whole time period. Roughly about
a half hour elapsed and a 4 engine jet aircraft which looked to be all white with no markings and possibly no windows as on a commercial craft
flew in an arc from east to south. The orb was quite a distance away
in the north west sky with no sound. The aircraft was fairly low about
( a guestimate ) 5,000 feet. There was also no sound or vapor trails
from the aircraft. The sighting of the plane was brief.

The orb when first sighted was in the north west sky. There were some clouds but it was overall clear and bright. From the first sighting point in the north west, the orb very slowly moved to the west, stayed
at that position, distance unknown, came back to its starting point,
stayed there, stayed at that position then moved slowly again to the
north east. Again it stayed at that position. With the few clouds in the sky, the orb stayed out of the clouds. I can’t give you the duration of
each stop position as I’m not sure but the timeline of observation was from 11:15 a.m to 1:02 p.m.

As for feelings/reactions, everything was normal. We did let a visitor
observe use the binoculars and I asked her what she was viewing and she verified our findings.

I went in for a lunch at approximately 12:40 p.m and went back at 1:02
p.m. to once again observe the orb and it was gone.

I have no additional evidence or film footage/photos.

The times submitted are exact.

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