UFO Sighting in Vernal, Utah on July 28th 2016 – Yellow orange light orb ball. I have seen them before.

I was taking my dog out to use the restroom. We walked around the front of the condo. I always like to look up at the stars. I saw a shooting star and it seemed that after words a star that was shining went bright and out. I kept looking at that spot but couldn’t see a star shining. I started to scan the sky again and saw the yellow orange light. I’ve been taught to look for a blinking light but couldn’t see one. As I watched I noticed an airplane or a jet flying in the Nw direction. The airplane made a noise but I could not hear a noise from the light. I kept watching it as it seemed to move towards me but as I watched still no sound. I’ve seen them before. But thought I would report because of the airplane.

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