UFO Sighting in Frankfort, Michigan on July 30th 2016 – Started dim, became brighter than North Star, pulsed between the two. Then dissapeared, saw again. Zig zagged flight

I was outside on my deck smoking a cigarette watching a star I normally do at night, I noticed a dim light moving slowly in the sky and though nothing of it until like a flare became brighter than the North Star, almost like a spotlight. It dimmed down again and became brighter again and again. It’s movement speed was changing as well. At one point it stopped moving and I knew it wasn’t anything man made, after it continued moving it dimmed until o could no longer see it. I went inside to call my dad to tell him and shortly after went back outside to carefully watch the skies, the same object then came from the direction it went back to where I first saw it, then turned around and did a zig zag flight path into the Milky Way and dissapeared again. My girlfriend was with me the first time but could barely even see the stars without her glasses and I didn’t even think to grab my phone the first OR second time. I was terrified and excited at the same time. It looked very far out in the atmosphere. The universe is as we know infinite, we cannot be the only life forms in existence.

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