UFO Sighting in Tulare, California on September 13th 1998 – Ufo literally called for my attention and made my head turn to the sky and look at it, I first thought it was a plane but when I looked closer it was a huge ufo

I was in my alley waiting (this was in 1998) on my cousin looking east, when something made me turn and look up into the sky(southwest), like if they wanted me to see…at first I saw red and blue lights blinking, and I thought it was a plane, but as I took a closer look it was a huge, I mean huge Ufo and the lights were rotating around it so fast it looked like they were blinking but they were actually going around it round and round. The craft was tilted to one side slightly and it remained in that position as it slowly, I mean very slowly flew into the horizon over to the Pacific Ocean. That’s when I knew they existed.

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