UFO Sighting in Ventura, California on June 1st 2015 – Me and one other person on balcony with binoculars so saw up huge ship building like structure slanted or tilted with tiny lights like windows. Four lights all came from opposite directions landed on it at same time and it slowly pulled back and away.Huge

Me and a friend were on the balcony of two story home and saw a huge round ship like structure tilted at an angle in sky. Was the size of football field and four lights came from opposite directions at the same time and all landed on it. The lights on it looked like Windows resembled building structure or the way a cruise ship would look in ocean but it was in sky like a city. It was so huge we thought it was the end of the world. We had binoculars so saw it up close. I said out loud you can not show yourself like this everyone will not be able to handle this. My friend then said look it’s pulling away it’s like it hears you. It slowly pulled back into a mist or clouds until it disappeared. The next day we checked the newspaper and my friend could not believe we were the only ones who had observed it.

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