UFO Sighting in Prince George, British Columbia on July 29th 2016 – Glowing orb with flaming wings, hovered and disappeared

I was in my backyard with my dog, the sun had set and it was dusk. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge flaming object that at first I though was a plane on fire crashing to the ground, but the shape wasn’t consistent and was traveling very fast so I thought maybe it was a meteorite. The object slowed to a hault as it descended. It changed shape from a solid fuzzy orb with flaming wings to a pulsating transparent orb without wings. The orb hovered for about 5 to 10 minutes flickering, growing and shrinking, sometimes making quick but short jutting motions. It looked like there was a centre sphere of bright white light surrounded by a pulsating transparent dome/sphere that was predominantly red/orange/yellow. It could have flashed a blue/green colour but so quick it was barely noticeable. It then began to fade in and out until it completely vanished. It made no sound whatsoever nor did it leave a trail of smoke or debris. It left me feeling confused to what it could be, it didn’t seem to act like a weather balloon or lantern. It was the flaming wings that through me off, they appeared to be solid object attached to the orb but then appeared to be plumes of propelant or something resembling a jet stream. By the time I had pulled my phone out to record a video of the object it had stopped descending and began hovering. I had noticed a few neighbours were outside and had seen it too. (Their reaction in the attached video contains profain language).

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