UFO Sighting in Holden Beach, North Carolina on July 29th 2016 – May have been a jet/commercial airliner with engine fire.

After arriving at our beach rental. I happen to look up into the sky literally straight up above me.
I saw what looked like a fireball moving from west to east.
As it moved I could faintly hear the wine of jet engines. Due to the brightness of the Flames I could not confirm its shape. It continued to climb.
I suspected it could have been an airliner type aircraft. As it continued east the flame went out. The jet noise that follows was very faint. I also suspect that if it was an engine fire the crew managed to cut off the fuel supply and let the fire blow itself out.
As it continued on it went out.
I did notice afterword at least two airliners at higher altitudes headed in the general direction of where I last saw the flames go out.
I expected to see a huge fireball. But since none appeared I suspect the fire or flameout was taken care of.
What I find curious is that I have seen no mention of a “fireball” in the sky on any media source since then.
I did make a short video of it

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