UFO Sighting in Clearfield, Utah on August 2nd 2016 – Similar to Event reported in MUFON Report 78101

A similar UFO to last night appeared again at 280 degrees West of our location. Tonight we attempted to use a telescope to view the object and although the telescope was centered on object, only blurred light showed through. Viewed through binoculars at 10×50 magnification. We were able to see a disc shaped object, flat at a 120 degree angle with lights on top and bottom in the middle of the disc. The top light was brighter and white, the bottom light strobed blue, red, green and yellow-orange in a random order. The object moved up, down, sharply to the left and right and at odd angles. A second object of similar make, but further away came in about 20 degrees from the horizon and from approximately 220 degrees SSW. It moved North of the brighter object and up to approx 30 degrees and remained located at a 120 degree angle from the object at approx 310 degrees WNW of the main object. It moved in a similar but random pattern once it came across approx 10 mins after sighting of the first UFO. Two Air Force fighter jets were in the sky flying in a circular pattern around the UFO at approx 18 degrees to the horizon, never moving higher. An Air Force surveillance plane was seen crossing the area from the North. None of the aircraft landed at Hill AFB, 1 mile east of our home that we could tell. The fighter aircraft moved off after 12 mins to the south away from the base and the surveillance plane appeared to be on a heading to Salt Lake International Airport where an ANG base is also located. It was in the area of the UFO for no longer than 8 mins. We observed the UFO for one hour, six minutes before going in for the night. Four of us viewed the objects through the binoculars and all agreed on the shapes and colors we were seeing.

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