UFO Sighting in Tehachapi, California on June 30th 1994 – Fireball to orb. Hovering. Slow ascent. Hovering. Shot off to west

I was leaving my boyfriends house around 2am, driving west. Above the trees on the mountains in the distance I saw what appeared to be a fireball. It kinda looked the way a match head does when it’s first lit, the ball of fire starting at the bottom and fading at the top. But it was above the tree line. I stopped to watch as I live in fire country and wanted to call for help if needed. Then the fire disapated leaving a behind a glowing orb. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. It hovered several seconds, then slowly rose, from my perspective about a foot, so maybe a couple thousand feet? It hovered again a minute more at most then just shot off to the west. There was no slow start, it just took off like a bullet. I’ve never seen anything like that before or since. I’d love it if I could see it again. I’ve never forgotten it. Seeing something so unexplainable.

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