Black Triangle Sighting in Sheldon, Vermont on March 10th 2015 – UFO flew over car

I saw a storm cloud coming from the north with lightning flashing around inside it. It was springtime and lighting storms are rare in our area. As it got closer I notice it’s not just white flashes but red and white. That caught my attention. As it passed over my car you could see into the cloud for a couple of was some kind of large craft with red and white lights flashing around on it. I would judge the size to be about 1000 feet long. You could see one end out of the drivers window and the front of it out of the passengers window. A very bright red beam was flashing down on the ground and moving around like it was searching for something.the craft was using a cloud like screen to conceal itself and until it went right over head you couldn’t see inside the cloud. If it wasn’t for the different colored lights and the red beam shinning down you wouldn’t have even known that it wasn’t a low fast moving storm cloud. Very strange craft.the car ahead of me slowed to a crawl myself and two other cars behind me were just barely moving when the craft went over. Every one was looking up at this craft. Maybe some of the other people has already reported this incident. This is the third time I have witnessed strange crafts that I know for a fact are nothing made on this planet. One up close daylight sighting in the 80s. Two at night but close enough to see they were not normal aircraft.

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