UFO News Article: “Caldwell Officers Are ‘Believers’ Now”

(Unidentified U.S.A. news report, 1973)

Source: Archives For the Unexplained, Norrköping, Sweden (AFU.se)

Quote from the article:
“There are at least two believers in unidentified flying objects in this small town of 1,700 nestled on the Kansas-Oklahoma line.
The two, Dave Lowe and Eddie Roberts, police officers who were patrolling Caldwell early Monday morning, both say they were close enough to an unidentified flying object ‘to get a picture.’
But they didn’t have a camera.
LOWE and Roberts, 24, both rookies on the Caldwell police force, heard reports over the police radio that unidentified flying objects were moving in a southerly direction toward Wellington, South Haven and Caldwell.
The two headed for the Caldwell Airport on the east edge of town. They spotted a clouple hovering high in the sky, but could not see them clearly.
When the objects disappeared, they went back to sipping coffee and telling each other how absurd people were who said they could tell definitely that the objects were not stars.
LOWE DESCRIBED it as being red, white, and bluish green in color. It was impossible to separate the colors; they all blended together, he said.
‘It didn’t look at all like what I thought a flying saucer would. It wasn’t round and it was much longer than it was wide. Actually, it looked like an egg,’ he said. ‘It was a hundred yards long.’
After regaining their composure, the two jumped in the squad car and raced after the object to get a closer look. As they pulled onto U.S. 81 and headed east, the object ducked behind a hedge row and they lost sight of it.
‘WHEN IT WENT behind the hedge row, the darn thing must have turned out the lights so we couldn’t follow it,’ Lowe said. ‘Anyway we never saw the thing again.’
Total time the object was seen at close-hand was approximately three minutes, they said.
‘I mentioned several minutes before we saw it that I heard an engine running,’ Lowe related. ‘I thought it was an airplane, but we never saw one come in afterwards.’
Both men said they did not believe the object was from earth (read: Earth).

‘It was nothing manmade like I’ve seen. It might be something experimental, but I don’t think so,’ Roberts said.”

KDOT map of Sumner County, Kansas (wikimedia.org)
(wikimedia.org image)

Satellite photo of Caldwell, Kansas (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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