UFO Sighting in Oak Harbor, Washington on August 1st 2016 – Bright orb suddenly appeared under The Big Dipper and dissappeared passing Perseus

Went outside around 12:15-30AM and looked up to a clear night sky and noticed a bright orb right under the Big Dipper and thought it may had been a satellite but it seemed to bright. It made no noise and had a consistent speed and angle then suddenly disappeared as it passed the Perseus constellation. I took video of it with my phone which has 4K resolution for video. I took about 3 minutes of tracking it zoomed in to see if I could see any kind of lights or blinking and it stayed solid white that out shined all the stars. When I took the video the stars are dim enough to not show but the orb is completely visible. It was completely silent so it wasn’t a plane especially since I live with in a couple miles of an active Navy Base and see and hear almost every type of plane on a daily basis. Only things I could think of is I caught the ISS or a low orbit satellite with very unusual path or a UFO also after I lost site of it my wife noticed it reappear East of us then just disappeared again. I am trying to shrink the video size since it is almost 2GB and with out a beefy video card it’s choppy. I can try to send stills or compress the 4K vid and send it.

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