UFO Sighting in Auburn Hills, Michigan on August 3rd 2016 – Observed UFO while plane watching.

Using “Planes App” on iPad I was observing Airbus A-330-300 LX9 SwissAir (Chicago to Zurich) directly overhead using Fujinon 7X50 binoculars. “App” indicated plane was at 37000 ft. Spotted orb while plane was passing directly overhead. Orb was to the left of the plane (plane was heading east) and unable to determine if it was above or below the plane. Orb remained stationary as plane flew by.
Orb was visible without the binoculars and appeared to look like a star to the naked eye. Visibility was clear with slight haze. Sunset was at 8:49 pm, only 10 minutes prior to sighting. Both my girlfriend and myself viewed the orb for approximately 4 minutes through binoculars then it just disappeared as if someone just flipped a switch. No other stars were visible in the sky at the time the orb vanished.

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