UFO Sighting in Westlake, Louisiana on August 2nd 2016 – Watching “Venus”, when it split in two!

Sitting in my back yard at 7:30 pm, when I noticed a blight shinny object high in the sky to the SouthWest. First thought was it’s too bright to be Venus this early in the evening with the sun still up. Looked at object with binoculars and it still just looked too shinny. Started watching the object with a telescope, and it looked too shinny. Kept watching the object with the telescope, because the brightness did not appear evenly across the surface, the object appeared to be moving, and there appeared to be an electrical pulsating effect on one side of the object. Watched the object thru the telescope until 8:15 pm (45 mins.), and observed that the object was getting dimmer, instead of brighter; as you would expect a star or planet later in the evening. Also, noted that the object was now due West; meaning it had moved North from the SouthWest.Even with the object dimming and moving North, which did not make sense for a star of planet, I decided that I likely had been watching Venus. However,at 8:15 pm I observed “Venus” split into two pieces, or became two objects. One object remained stationary, and the other object appeared to accelerate toward the ground. Both objects appeared to fade away quickly after separating. Remained outside looking for “Venus”, but it remained missing from the perfectly clear evening sky after separating into two pieces.

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