Is Stanton Friedman For Real?

stanton friedman

     In 2005, the late Peter Jennings touted his headlined UFO show, ostensibly, as “coming clean” on UFOs… Be not fooled… Cleanliness was not the result where the thrust of the program was a complete if subtle hack job on an entirely honorable Stanton Friedman, et al, by
By Alfred Lehmberg
Alien Views

Jennings. He employed all the old prejudices, to wit: making out like ufologists, in general, operate on conflicted faith and that they are either mentally ill, misinformed, or misinforming… “M” cubed for the in-crowd…

… To the contrary, reader. Anyone with uncluttered sense knows who or what Stanton Friedman is. He’s probably as close as anyone has gotten to being a household name with regard to UFOs. Even not knowing his name, but seeing his picture, is to automatically go, “Oh yeah… right… …the ‘UFO’ guy.”

Still, Friedman was, as pointed out, unfairly pilloried, fatuously and egregiously, along with some undeserving others, on the infamous Jennings/ABC flopumentary “exploring” UFOs, where he was faintly accused of behavior so far removed from his actual behavior that it borders on slander. For my money, it crosses the line. To wit: …

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