UFO Sighting in Hodgen, Oklahoma on August 4th 2016 – went out on the porch to smoke a cigarette looked up and the it was strobing redish white and yellow flashing bright at times and diming at others.The thing was moving all around zipping up down left to right and in circles.

Ok around 9:40pm on August 16 2016 Me and my 15 year old nephew qent outside so i could smoke a cigarette and when I walked to the end of the carport I looked up to see the stars or maybe also with the home of seeing a Ufo.I have witnessed more then 8 sightings right down here in SE Oklahoma over the span of the last 4 years but this will be my first official report.When i caught the lights of the craft with my pariphial vision i told my nephew to look up that there was a ufo and it the UFO was just darting all around left to right up and down and in circular motions all the while doing all the jumpin all around it stared to slowly move a way back behind a bunch of trees.I have an app on my phone that lets you use your phone as a flashlight and its pretty bright plus i live in the country so theres little light polution from the city.ok so on t
the app there is this flashlight which is realy bright.It also has a setting on it to make it flash
like a strob.So I started flashin the light and it seemed to respond with rappid movements and strobing lights.then ot pretty much faded away behind a line of trrees.Ok so around a hour later me and my nehew go outside so i could smoke and do some more Uwhat tching and boom there was what i thought might have been the same object so i started flashing it with my phones light and then the object really started to dance for us.ok then that happened around 2 in the morning.me and my nephew go back inside so i could download a app that flashed red and blue strobes like a cop car. When i came outside there was i have to say atleast 6to7 slow and silent obje cts moving over my house and all around it all going pretty much going towards the object or objects if you will.All of them had red flashing lights on them that blinked pretty slow.and they all had like a yellowish looking set of lights on the backend of the crafts that were flying overhead and around my whole property at verry low speeds as if surveillancing the place.the objects looked to be round in the front at the nose and flat in the back where the red and dirty looking yellowish lights were flashing in what looked like a sequence of up to 6 maybe 7 lights.we got nervous because there was a lot of them flying back and forth over us so we went back inside.

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