UFO Sighting in La Salle, Michigan on August 6th 2016 – I watched two objects fly close together, then hover and separate in different directions.

I let my dog out to go to the bathroom and after I had put him on his chain I looked straight up to the stars and noticed that two of the stars were moving together. North to south. One shortly behind the other. I thought that maybe it was an airplane but they were very high into the atmosphere. Higher than any plane I’ve ever seen. A plane did fly by going west to east during my sighting. And it was a lot lower that the ‘stars’ I seen moving. I kept watching them move when the one in front stopped and the second one moves in closer almost on top of the other one and it too stopped. They both sat there for a couple seconds and the first one kept going south while the second one went west. It didn’t turn or veer like a plane does. I watched them both until I could no longer see them.

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