UFO Sighting in Oak Hill, Kansas on August 5th 2016 – Objects found in pictures while taking photos of lightning

I was taking pictures of the lightning between 2am and 3am on August 5th. When going through the pictures I had taken I noticed a few pictures with an object in them. There is one photo by itself that clearly shows an object over the trees toward the left of the picture. The other set of pictures is a burst of 12 pictures taken within a few seconds of each other. Most of the pictures appear dark and not much can be seen. The other pictures though show an object that appears to go into the cloud and back out again. The object is near the center of the photo. The object can be seen in the cloud in a couple of the pictures but it can clearly be seen in two of the pictures. I took the pictures on my cell phone with an application that is designed to take pictures of lightning. I did not see the objects or hear anything other than thunder.

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