UFO Sighting in Waiʻanae, Hawaii on October 15th 2015 – It was about an hour after sunset, I had just plugged my cell phone in for a charge went outside for a smoke, looked up and saw what appeared to be a very large square shaped object covered in yellow lights, no noise or disturbance at all, very creepy.

I was at home outside our front door smoking a cigarette , I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, a glare of light. I thought of yelling for someone to come out and take look, however the object would have been out of sight by the time either my brother or mom might have responded, as the object was moving at the relative speed of a fast moving helicopter, I knew it was not manmade. It was cube shaped and appeared to be covered in yellow lights. I felt exited and awe struck, it was amazing. I called the local police station to report it and to see if anyone else had repotrted it, the responding officer said that no one had. I was quite disappointed that no one else in the neiborhood seemed to have seen this thing it was huge. The object faded out of view as moved over a small mountain or ridge.

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