UFO Sighting in Dixon, Illinois on July 19th 2016 – I noticed 2 intensive bright lights (aspirin size at arms length)stationary for approximately 4 seconds then the objects appeared out of them and observed for 7-8 seconds while appearing to slowly decend before going behind clouds

I was out back on the deck having a cigarette and I noticed two extremely bright white lights in the northeast about 20-30 times brighter than the brightest star or planet in the night sky. The lights were stationary and offset from each other and remained that way for 4 seconds or so. They dimmed immediatly and a craft appeared from each light which looked metallic appearing to be reflecting a yellowish light that I believe was the light being refected from the moon that was behind trees low in the horizon. The objects were about the size of a head of a straight pin and I observed them for about 6-8 seconds as they became slightly larger before going behind the clouds.They travelled south in a straight line the entire time I observed them. I then felt the need to tell someone what I saw and called my ex-girlfriend and told her in Amboy and she asked where and if I thought she might be able to see them.I told her to look to the north and she might be able to. She was still on the phone with me when she went outside and told me that she could see something and it was coming closer and you should have her report on file.

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