UFO Sighting in Ogden, Utah on August 6th 2016 – I was out for the same walk that i do each night around the same time when I noticed 2 different objects that I cannot explain.

It Was Saturday August 8th and I was out for my nightly walk, the same walk that I do each night. I was looking up at the partial moon over my left shoulder. it was 8:28 at night and the sun was going down, so the moon stood out against the blue sky. Just after that I saw an airplane heading South towards the Salt Lake International Airport. This is really common and I see many at all times of the day heading the same direction.
Off in the distance I could see a bright light. it looked like it could have been a star but it was really bright. I was not sure what that light could be but I was walking on the sidewalk and was trying to pay attention to where I was going. I looked down and then back up and could not see the light anymore.
But I did see something else; I saw a dark crescent shaped object that soon looked like it turned into an egg/disc shaped object and head North. (Video 1 shows this)
When I saw this I took out my phone and zoomed in and snapped 2 pictures, I then took several videos of this object as well. In the video you can see houses, trees dragon flies and small birds flying by and a larger object that is heading North.
I continued to watch the object but as I followed the sidewalk around the corner I saw a different object heading towards the other object.
At this point I lost track of the first object and now only saw the 2nd object. I was trying to watch this live and record it at the same time. Both objects I saw seemed to be egg/disc shaped and it looked as if they were rotating. I could not hear any engine noise whatsoever. But frogs and neighborhood dogs can be heard in the background on the video.
The 2nd object went from about 283 degrees West to 341 degrees North before it looked to “wobble” and disappear. This is pretty close to where the 1st object disappeared before.
I also got pictures and video of the 2nd craft showing that it is heading in the opposite direction. After this happened I canvased the sky to see if I could see any other objects when I saw a fast dark jet heading along the Mountain range. I lost track of the dark jet and did not see anything after that. I am certain that it was a jet and not an airplane, we live 15 minutes from an Airforce base and near a local airport and 45 minutes away from an International Airport. We see and hear jets, planes and helicopters all of the time. And these two objects didn’t seem to show any flashing lights that you see on Approved craft, I also could not make out any wings, blades or anything else that would help identify this.
This is the first time that I have seen something in the sky that has me perplexed as to what they could be. Watching the videos leaves me more confused.

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