UFO Sighting in Wipfratal, Thüringen on October 11th 2015 – It was something like a fireball with a long trail. it crashed on the left side of the highway.

A friend was driving a car and we were on the highway 71 (Autobahn 71) heading from the city Ilmenau to the city Erfurt.

I was the first of us who has seen the object. The duration of the whole flight of the UFO was about 20 seconds. We both have seen it.

The UFO crashed on the left side of the highway.
At this time we both were absolutely convinced that this was an UFO! (may be something alien like)

I called the Police (Autobahnpolizei) and asked if they have any information about a helicopter crash or any other crashes. The reply was: No. We have no record of any airplane or helicopter activity in your area.

Thats it.

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