UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on June 14th 2009 – I was playing out in the streets when I saw from a little distance away a ufo & I stood there for a min & looked at it while it just sat there with it’s lights pulsing & something on it spinning around the diameter of the ufo. Then very fast it hovered a

I was 9 at the time and remember it very clearly to this day. I was outside my house and about a couple houses up the street I was playing and running around. It was dusk, and about to be fully dark. I was about to go inside for the night. Then at the corner of my eye I saw something quickly appear about 300-500 feet, not above me but in front of me to the left a little. It was as if a helicopter was flying in place, because the fly pretty low to the ground compared to airplanes, that’s what I thought it was for a split second but I saw it clearly. It made almost no noise at all. It looked like your typical ufo. It had 3 large lights on the diameter of the ufo and like two metal bars wraped around the whole thing it was above and below the lights it was spinning in the same direction around the ufo. I just stood there staring at it wondering if it was real and about after a minute it very fastly flew off. It made almost no noise at all. I knew it wasn’t an airplane because of the speed it had.I wasn’t scared just a little wierded out, I went inside to tell my parents but of course they didn’t believe me. I just thought about it for a few days and slowly it just went to the back of my mind.

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