UFO Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 9th 2016 – Saw yellow lights in a row rise over horizon, lights would dart to left or right and hover, craft eventually began straight path to southwest.

I was reading in the park around 10pm, enjoying the nighttime, when I looked up from my book and noticed a yellow light above the horizon. It looked relatively close to the treetops, but I assumed it was a plane coming in to land at the airport across the river, and that it was just an optical illusion. It was moving slowly, not necessarily coming towards me, rather rising into the sky. It quickly darted to the left a little bit, but it was such a small motion I figured I had just blinked at the wrong time. However, it kept repeating such a motion. It would rise a little bit, dart to the left or the right, hover in that position, then rise again. Now I was beginning to think it was a drone (what kind of plane moves like that?), maybe a consumer one belonging to someone in the neighborhood because I still couldn’t really gauge the size. As the craft continued its dart-hover-rise routine, it also began slowly moving southwest, diagonal of where I was standing. It eventually stopped its previous movements and just hovered for a bit before continuing on a steady southwest path. As it moved closer to me, I could see that there were four yellow lights in a row on the front of the craft, and two red, blinking lights on the back. Still completely bewildered by what I was seeing, coupled with the craft’s color matching that of the clouds overhead, I couldn’t really make out its shape. Yet as it moved closer to me, I could see that it was a flat, square or possibly rectangular object with four yellow headlights and two red taillights on the back corners. My phone had died when I got to the park, so I couldn’t document what I was seeing. I did not notice any lights on the underside of the craft, and it never passed directly over to me. The craft continued moving southwest, and I lost sight of it when it became obscured by some trees. I thought I heard a very quiet, jet-like sound coming from it’s direction, but I didn’t notice it until it was at its nearest to me, and a lot of jets go by because of the city airport to the south so it may not have been the craft making that sound. I didn’t feel strange or affected by the object, just absolutely bewildered by what I was seeing. When I first saw the lights I facetiously said to myself “What’s if it’s a UFO?” Regardless of the object’s nature, I’m pretty excited to have a cool story to tell people.

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