UFO Sighting in Show Low, Arizona on August 9th 2016 – I was looking to the night sky to the east was a path of lightning and 4 ufo’s seemed to be hovering and making no sound above me house observing the same.

I was looking to the night sky hoping to see a couple of meteors fall. To the east was a patch of lightning so I worked around the side of the house to see if there was a clear area to observe. The moon was very bright and next to it was a boomerang object that was displaying 5-6 lights blinking vertically. It was to bright to be a star and it was silently hovering just at the edge of the clouds. I then realized there was another identical one to the right of it. I then turned and saw another to the left of the moon and another directly over my home. I saw two planes fly through the sky but only one craft was moving, the craft directly above me was moving forward ever so slightly. All displaying the same lights and making no sound whatsoever. I banged on the bedroom window and asked my partner Cuck to come observe with me and he did. We were both amazed. they stayed in the sky for about 20 minutes and then disappeared one after the other.

I was so excited! I have never witnessed something so incredible! I don’t believe I will ever see anything as amazing again in my lifetime. Unfortunately my cellphone was dead so I did not capture this amazing event on film or camera.

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