UFO Sighting in Sion, Valais on August 8th 2016 – Bright flash in the sky, then starlike object appears high in the sky and moves about randomly.

I was outside smoking and stargazing at around 11.10 pm on Monday 8th of August 2016 when I saw a bright localized flash in the sky around 70 degrees above horizon towards the north of Sion, Switzerland. At first, I thought it was the navigation lights of an aircraft that I hadn’t noticed before although the flash I saw was much bigger than ones usually produced by navigation lights. However, after scanning the sky around that region, I was not able to see any aircraft.

This was followed shortly by the appearance of a bright satellite-like object moving across the sky from west to east in the same general area of the sky. It was about as luminous as the ISS when it passes by in the sky and was definitely more luminous than normal satellites. It disappeared within 2-3 seconds. My attention was then drawn towards what looked like a star in that same region of space. However, it turned out to not be a star at all as it randomly shifting around its initial position when I first saw it. It would go up and down, and move sideways in a smooth path. It was witnessed by another person who could swear that it periodically also glowed orange around the white dot that we could both see. I did not see that orange glow at any point but that might have to do with my vision not being perfect despite wearing glasses.

The random motion of the white dot continued for a good 15 mins before I decided to head back inside my home. When I came back out 10 minutes later, I could not see the moving dot anymore but I did see random flashes and two shooting stars in the same area of the sky.

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