UFO Sighting in Arizona on June 7th 2016 – i ate peyote and went for a bike ride . in my thoughts are good thoughts about changing my life and contributing to the world… the sunset was oddand beautiful. i had a sense of being comfortable and very high on life. feeling really

i was riding my bike along the frontage by the I 40 freeway close to the inspection station in Sanders, Arizona. right at the begining of the navajo nation borderline. looking along the horizon facing north is a ridge that has scattered Anasazi ruins and that is the direction of the sunset. before my bike ride i had one button of peyote and was very optimistic. a very high sense of well being and a cheerful and willingness to be charitable. ect. ect. i started taking pictures of the beautiful sunset at around 6:30 pm. i couldnt get enough. i love drawing landscapes. i couldnt wait to get home to look at the pictures. at this time people were mean and rude to me everywhere i went and i just want peace. there was a family get together for my late grandparents. i wasnt invited. another reason for the bike ride… there was bad in my life but im obligated to be good. i was excited to look at my pictures. i got home tired and looked at any picture and thats when i first saw the green orb. my mind already said… “my picture ruined by a sprite can.the next morning,i eagerly look at the pictures. slowly but surely i began to notice things. i was at awe. i noticed that was not a sprite can. and it was moving! and theres a trail from which it came. when its followed it leads to a blurry shape purple disk in the sky. as i observed more. i see these transparent triangular objects with two black dots or windows that seem to observe me serval picture before. and the appear as to watch as the green orb zigzags through the sky around the sun then goes right in front of me. the last sequential pictures shows the 2 triangles with the two dots inside hovering and are close to each other as a yellow illuminating yellow disk is in-between them. then the triangle s disappear then there is a red heart in the sky. im at awe.

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