UFO Sighting in Peterson, Minnesota on August 5th 2016 – cigar shaped bright whitish silver craft. No wings , windows, or engine

I was driving down Hwy 16 from Preston heading to Winona to fish. I had past Peterson and rounded a corner and say several cars parked half in the road with 5 people standing in middle of road. I pulled over and saw the craft over the tree line. I knew immediately it was a UFO. The object was cigar shaped with no windows, wings, engine, no sound. During the sighting I just stood and stared over the tree line. It was about 500 ft up at that point. An older gentleman who was there first said he saw it at about 150 ft from him. I was excited and in shock to see this thing. It wasn’t any plane because it was too slow and not a blimp because it was too fast, and no wings anywhere nor a basket underneath. I lost sight of object over the trees

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