UFO Sighting in Kajang, Selangor on August 13th 2016 – pulsated light hovering above 500ft. the lights are red and white, with white color rotates through the red light columns on each pulse.

I was just heading to my car when I saw a weird pulsating red and white lights in the sky. At first i thought that it could be a plane or heli but the on second thought, there is no aircraft that i know of that have those kind of pulsating lights. More, it really was hovering over i.e. Not static but slight left or right slightly upward and downward. It was dark during the sighting, but there was a large tree in between me and the ufo that i used as a reference point to see its movements. I stood there for about 10-15minutes before decided to left as I was late for my Maghrib prayer.

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