UFO Sighting in Kashan, on June 15th 2013 – Thats was like moon, spun like top, like whirligig

it was partly cloudy, i was walking at alley, the time was near 20:30, and i saw the sky, there was a light column like cone in north, while its direction was to the east, it means its pointed side was on right and its base was on left (west). step by step the object moved to the west slowly and came out behind the cloud and turned into the me, into the south, it was like a moon but a little bigger and brighter than moon. i couldnt do anything, i just stared at object. after 1 minutes it spun like whirligig, like top and its speed of spin after some second grew and grew, and dropped clouds around itself to sides, there was a hole without cloud in sky and the object was at center of this circle and suddenly it disappeared and for 2-3 minutes clouds were moving and going far away from that circle, from where the object was there and disappeared.

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