UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on August 11th 2016 – Star looki light (blueish-not flickering) airplane speed/altitude across the sky,straight line for 40 seconds, stopped,changed to a smaller white light and vanished,cloudless night. 10 sec later bright flash above us

Myself and my two kids were swimming. It was a cloudless night and we could see many different stars of varying brightness. I spotted the light traveling from the Northwest towards the SouthEast. It was similar in size and color to many of the dimmer stars (light blue). However, it was not distorted or flickering like a star. It was at a cloud level altitude and moving at a speed similar to a small airplane. I jokingly told my kids to look and I said ” Ok kids, lets see if this is an Airplane or UFO, if it is a plane we should see blinking lights and it will continue straight, but if it is a UFO it may take a sharp turn”. Possibly out of boredom, we watched it continue in a straight path, but it never had a blinking light and remained at a steady pace. Suddenly it stopped, we all were shocked…but then it changed to a solid white light and it appeared to shrink and then disappear. We were stunned and my youngest got scared…but we searched the sky in a panic to see if it was just our eyes and that it may show up again in the same path. A few moments later a white streak of light flashed to the right of us…it appeared to be almost on top of us. It was only a blink and had my son not seen it also and gasped, I may have not believed it. We searched the sky, but nothing was moving…and there were no clouds. We did not see anything else, and my youngest demanded we go inside.

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