UFO Sighting in Apex, North Carolina on August 13th 2016 – Multi-Colored object slowly descending

Was stargazing through the window due to reports my daughter had seen a strange purple light in the countryside. My wife spotted something interesting. At first glance I thought it was a star as it did not appear to move, and shimmered as stars do. At further inspection it had blue, red, white, yellow, green lights that seemed to emanate from within the object also at different locations on the object. I remembered that i had a 35X spotting scope. Took it out and pointed to the object revealed it was far away as the light was shimmering, did not have a distinct outline. It looked to be a litter smaller than the largest planet you would see at night. At times it had horizontal colored lines going through it, but constant pattern: blue, white, green, red, yellow in that order top down. All of a sudden the pattern would change to random spaghetti-like curved lines with same colors, but different pattern. Next it would change back to horizontal lines, again same colors, but different pattern than before. Started out about 16 degrees above the horizon, almost due Northwest then over the course of 40 minutes or so drifted a few degrees down and moved slightly North until below treeline. I thought it could have been a drone with lights, but the duration and constancy of the velocity of drift made me think otherwise, and of course, the bizarre lighting patterns would be hard to duplicate with a drone.

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