26 February 1951
(The Times-News, Hendersonville, North Carolina)
The whole article:
“Dr. Anthony O. Marrachi (read: Mirarchi), former Air Force scientist, urged today that radar and spotter observation posts be set up to track down flying saucers ‘that may lead to another Pearl Harbor.’
Dr. Mirarchi, who investigated more than 300 reports of flying saucers as chief of the Air Force’s atmospheric composition bureau of the Geophysical Research Division in Watertown last year, brushed aside recent statements by Dr. Urner Liddell, a navy scientist.
He said Liddell’s conclusion that flying saucers really were plastic balloons sent into the upper atmosphere by the navy for radiation research ‘does not tell the whole story.’
‘The results of my own investigation,’ he said, ‘indicate that we cannot exclude the possibility that the so-called flying saucers is the result of experiments by a potential enemy of the United States.’
‘If they were launched by a foreign power, then they could lead to a worse Pearl Harbor than we have ever experienced,’ he said.
Dr. Mirarchi urged that a ‘considerable appropriation be granted the Air Force to set up photographic, radar and spotter tracking points to study the mysterious phenomena.’
He said he had issued a report to the Air Force on his findings last year, but did not know whether the inquiry had been continued.
‘The Navy’s report is erroneous. It lulls people into a false sense of security,’ he added.
Asked about an Air Force statement that more than 500 investigates (read: investigations) were made without one bit of concrete evidence to back up reports of flying saucers, Dr. Mirarchi said, ‘I thought I was the only one making such an investigation. And as far as I’m concerned, there certainly was evidence to back up my conclusion.’ ”
NOTE: The newspaper date is 26 February 1951.
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